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19-07-2009, 09:58 AM
hi. ive been messing about with a warriors of chaos army. I have a khorne leader, chaos knights and a large battilion box set, so about 1300 point army, including equipment and abilities. I was wandering if i could use the character *Be'lakor* in my army or if that character is just for collection. On the games workshop website you can buy him but hes not in the warriors of chaos book so i don't know if he has any rules or spells ive also googled him for rules and i didnt find any :(. also, can any one help me?, i was wandering if putting in some chaos spawn into my army would be a good idea to make it around 1500 points and are there any other models i should look out for.thanks :).

07-08-2009, 08:03 AM
Well, let me tell you, the Warriors of Chaos are a fun army to play!

So about Be'Lakor- There is no such special character and thus no rules for him. He's just a nice model that you can use in a Daemons or Warriors of Chaos list.

In fantasy you may pratically substitute any model for another one (within reason of course!). Thats is why converting your own models is such a huge thing! As long as the model is on the correct base, you may use it!

Special characters are famous leaders or warheroes that you may include in your army - like Archeon. A lot of people and tournaments do not allow the use of special characters, but that is pretty much where the restriction ends... So just check with your friends about using special characters and then let your imagination run wild!

Spawn are cool and they can tie up a unit for a turn or two! And in a 1500pt game they could be even more effective! But I usually only play 2250pt games and find that in a big game such as this they get killed of too easily! But that's just personal taste...

But here I go again- rambling on....

Anyway, welcome to our humble abode! I do hope you enjoy your stay!

Remember - post often! ;)

Good Hunting friend!

07-08-2009, 03:53 PM
Be'lakor was a special "baddy" in a campaign ran by games workshop set in albion a few years back. They released a model for him to give a bit of spice to the campaign along with fen beasts and a couple of magic user characters but he just counts as a demon prince