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19-06-2009, 12:41 AM
Hey all,

I'm making a bit of a whacky (just for fun and games) Empire army. Everything in the whole army will be converted and I would say about 40% of it is complete. Any help or advice on how to improve things would be greatly appreciated. Also having only ever played high elves (I was a very beardy player, 2 dragons and 4 repeater bolt throwers XD) I would appreciate any help and tips on effective tactics I can use with this kind of army list.

The fluff
This is a ragtag group of mercenaries who have a few ships and have banded together to sail the world and adventure/plunder whenever and where-ever possible. These rogues have fought many a battle and have become acomplished fighters taking up arms in the form of defeated opponents. Due to their manner of plundering and thievery it is not uncommon to see their combat units wielding weapons from far corners of the earth and carrying shields from every corner of the old world. Whether it be high elf or goblin made, it is after all still a shield. The flag bearer Captain McGiggins carries the good old jolly rodger, raising it high to bolster the spirits of the men and the two crazed (and ever so slightly misguided) priests are Daniel James McNick (famed for carrying up to 17 knives at the same time, hence the additional hand weapon) and El Bandito Gringo (yep you got it, he steals shiny things). The band has a severe liking with things that blow up hence the high proportion of things which can... well blow up in your face. The Leadbelchers included felt inclined to follow a group whos ideals were so close to their own.

Together they are the Pirates of Scar Island.

Captain of the empire, army battle standard, great weapon, war banner = 104
Warrior priest, additional hand weapon, doomfire ring = 124
Warrior priest, great weapon, orb of thunder = 124
Battle wizard, 2 x scrolls = 115

20 x Flagant warband (actually crazed vikings) = 200
30 x swordsmen, full command = 205
detachment of 10 militia = 50
30 x swordsmen, full command = 205
detachment of 10 militia = 50
10 x handgunners = 80
10 x handgunners = 80

Great cannon = 100
Great cannon = 100
Mortar = 75
Mortar = 75

4 x Leadbelchers (you should see the afro I have on one of these guys XD) = 220
Hellblaster volleygun = 110

5 dispel dice
3 power dice, 4 bound spells
124 men.

I'm also 17 points over 0_o is there anything you think I can drop?

Thanks for reading, any help or advice would be much appreciated.

19-06-2009, 10:02 AM
looking good so far im looking forward to seeing the conversions, id drop the orb of thunder, never worked too well for me to be honest

21-06-2009, 11:21 AM
Well I dont have any experiance with empire battles, but looking at the list, its seems pretty dwarfen like (Not a lot of mobility) so i suggest a style of play similar the the dwarfen gun line. maybe your Vikings in the center if I remember correctly they are had to break?

Also I second Mart......Cannae wait to see some pics of the conversions, sounds very cool.

21-06-2009, 03:14 PM
nice list lookin forward to seeing models

detachments- all non shooting detachments should be in 9's and rank them 3 by 3 saves space and is just as effective