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07-06-2009, 12:28 AM
I was thinking of picking up Blood Bowl, well, not the actual box, that's ridiculously expensive. But I know very little about it. Some questions....

1. What is the best team for a beginner?
2. The teams are extremely expensive, and some are really silly looking (old models weren't ALWAYS great). What kits make for good conversions. I'm thinking that the Khemri one would be very easy to do.
3. I would have to build a whole arena. Does anyone know where to get a template for the layout?

Any other suggestions?

07-06-2009, 12:44 AM
Ah another BB fan, just be warned it's an addicitve game ;)

As for best team, no such thing really. There are tougher ones out there, halflings, goblins and ogres are you're more extreme teams and will take a whole lott more skill than say humans, chaos or skaven. If you're looking for all rounders than humans are great, with orcs not far behind. They're a lott more clumsy, but this hit much harder as well. If you like speed an agility than skaven or one of the elvish teams are more up your alley. Undead are fun as well, though zombies can be really pushovers. So like the other undead you really rely on your vampires to do the trick. No experience with khemri though.

As for kits, most lines have excellent kits now and balls can be made from green stuff quite easily. Stuff like glade guard, corsairs, chaos marauders, khemri skellies and zombie kits make very an excellent starting point. In fact the only tough one (in my opinion anyway) to do would be humans, Empire kits don't really have models that really with with the tougher and more athletically oriented BB sculpts. So for humans and orcs you may want to have a look online for their old plastic starter sprues, quite nice minis!

The size of the playing field some be hidden somewhere in an old Astro thread by Indra, who at one time made a complete field from scratch. I have a copy of the game around somewhere as well, if needed I could take out the old, very sturdy map and take some pics and exact measurements ;)

14-10-2009, 08:04 PM
the field runs 14 squares wide and 26 squares deep. i think each box runs about 30 mm wide. i'm not sure on that one. Each passing slot runs approximately 3 1/4 boxes per change.

Inquisitor Alex
14-10-2009, 09:11 PM
The field setup looks like this.
The rushes across the middle mark the centerline, the ones running the length of the field mark the 'wide zones'

Of course, this one took my buddy Glenn and I a couple of weeks on and off to build - it's a Slann\Lizardmen pitch.
We're running a tournament here in Ottawa this coming weekend (17th-18th) It's pretty amazing how much fan support there is for a game that isn't really backed up by GW at all.

For good cheap BB minis, check out http://www.impactminiatures.com/
They call them "fantasy football" minis, but you know what they mean... I've done some commercial work for these guys - three of the minis on their site's front page are my sculpts :) Ogress, Halfling Vendor, and Werebear.