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02-06-2009, 11:49 AM
Hi there!

I recently started warhammer with my friends, and i decided to play VC, this is my army list so far! feel free to comment, ty :)

5 Dire wolfs - for protecting Blood knights

20 Zombies + bearer

20 Zombies + bearer

22 Crypt Ghouls

1 Corpse Cart - Balefire (depending on opponent)

20 Grave Guards standard+champion+great weapons+Banner of the barrows

4 Blood knights standard+champion+Royal standard of strigos - theese will be the baddest of my dudes, with the vamp lord.

1 Black Coach
4 Cairn writghts + banshee

1 Necromancer

1 Vampire, Helm of commandment+Black Periapt+Master of black arts

1 Vampire lord, Dread knight+lvl3 wizard+Dark acolyte+Crow of the damned+Supernatural horror+sword of battle+walking death+Book of Arkhan - .. This is with Blood knights. I improved the combat skills now, and stayed with black arts, as a response to some critisicm :)

TOTAL 1994

Fell free to leave a comment/criticism, what do you think of my army list etc. ?!


I redid the army list, correcting some common mistakes, thx for pointing it out :)

Vulpus Rex
02-06-2009, 11:55 AM
Hi deathknellz, I'm not too much help on the VC's but why don't you go over to the Intro's thread (http://www.astronomican.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=35)
and introduce yourself :)

02-06-2009, 04:09 PM
Okay, I'll give you some pointers, but first, you have problems to take care of. Your core minimum is unfulfilled. Dire wolves and Corpse carts don't count toward the 3+ you need in a 2K list. Add in another block of zombies and give them a standard. Use magic to bolster them. Make them stand along side your grave guard, and let them be the rank bonus for your undead elites. You can only take one Royal Standard of Strigos in your army, so drop the slash saying it's an option on your grave guard; the blood knights will make far better use of it.

For your lord, give him the Book of Arkhan. No questions. Vanhel's Danse Macabre will make your blood knights more powerful than any other unit in the Warhammer universe IMO. Drop the fell bats, as they are terrible point for point when dire wolves have roughly the same movement capabilities, and will fair just about as good vs war machine crew/errant wizards. Drop the cursed book on your blood knights, as it's nearly worthless. Nobody will be swinging back against any one of them. Also, I'd replace one necromancer or one something to add a magical vampire with the helm of commandment and master of the black arts to your side. Give him the black periapt and use him to invocation your zombies up to like 40 models each.

Anyway, make the changes that are necessary, then make any changes that I suggested, and re-post the modified list. I'll make further comment on that.

02-06-2009, 05:46 PM
Now I made some changes according to your comments, thx :) .. I made the vamp hero, and cut one of the Black knight units, as i misunderstood the etheral rule :) .. What do you think now? and is the lord even good in this combination? I saw you made it vs. O&G... furthermore i made some more ghouls and grave guards, coz they seem kinda nice considering their cost.

well ty for the help, and your most welcome to comment further!

02-06-2009, 05:59 PM
Well, due to arcane item restrictions, the lord can't have the skull staff and the book. One or the other. Good thing is that the staff isn't all THAT necessary. Also, the hand is a little unnecessary too. Blood knights hit hard enough, and the hand would just be redundant. I'd toss both, and use the saved points on better stuff. Drop a few crypt ghoul models and toss in that other necromancer with just invocation. Toss him the Rod of Flaming death if you can find the points for it. Other than that, great list.

02-06-2009, 10:58 PM
oh kay....
starting from the top...

dire wolves-good. sacrificail doggies not only protect your blood knights, but also block their line of sight too, meaning they wont charge off at something you dont want them too (due to frenzy)

Zombies- Yay, i love it when people include zombies in their std lists, cus theyre great. i would drop the banners tho, no point. zombies cant chase down a fleeing unit, so dont try to break em with zombies. Zombies are used to pin the enemy in place so you can hit him with nastier things, so use cheap, 20 man units and enlarge em during the game if needs be.

Crypt Ghouls- Excellent, but need to be a larger unit, 16 will die too fast (especially as you need 5 in a rank to get a RB), at least 20. Put em on a flank to deal with flanking fast cavelry...

Corpse Carts- i never use them, i find i dont need to, definately not two. drop one.

Black Knights- Remember, unless within 6" of a vamp, so using a small unit of these guys as flankers may not work out the best, although with their 8" move, they will advance at the same speed as the main block of your army. however i would give them banner of the dead legion to counter small unit size...

Grave Guard- forget great weapons, remember you already have killing blow, so id go for survivability first, vamps are an attrition army after all. however, give them the banner of the barrows, and consider upping the unit size... (to 20 maybe?)

Blood Knights- stick em in the middle of your lines, poke em, and watch them go! good choice with the strigos banner, possibly up them to 5 tho...

Black Coach- Yes/No. depends, i used to use it as often as possible, but now find that Cairn Wraiths are a lot better for your points, you get 4 (with 8 wounds) for same price as coach!


not enough, to be honest!
you really should be spending at least 40% of your points on characters.

Necromancer- forget the extra spell and wargear, have him there to heal, and only to heal.he is a cheap, 55pt janitor for your army!

As for the Vamps, ist up to you how you want to configure them.

however, i would suggest...

if your lord is going in the unit of BK, ALWAYS give him the book of Arkhan, ALWAYS. just stop, dont argue. :) Also you may want to bump his combat up a bit... Get rid of Forbidden Lore, the Black Art is more than powerful enough for you to use! besides, you would end up with too many spells to ever cast! being lvl 4 is good tho...
i would swap out the arcane items for a weapon tho, and maybe some armour. After all, he WILL be in combat, and you do NOT want him to die... id suggest Dreadlance and the book, or perhaps Crown of the Dammned, Book and Sword of Battle.

you need another vamp in there, 1 hero wont be enough. Remember their job is to help your lord, and support him.

its a good list, strong basis for a good army, impressive for just starting out! drop me a PM if you want some more help/advice/clarification/extra dead bodies for animation...


03-06-2009, 12:29 PM
I redid the list again thx to some comments, furthermore i asked my friends and we decided to play 2k only -.- .. so i had to cut the black knights... so what do you think? i will switch between coach and cairns, coz i wanna try out the coach ;) ..
also i wanna push in a vamp hero, but dunno where to cut, and what to give him, any suggestions? :)