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22-05-2009, 09:02 PM
Hi again guys!
I'm also playing ogre's, so I made up a army list in which im quite doubtful with, mby you can help me ? :) I play vs. Dark elves, high elves and daemons of chaos..


20xGnobblar Fighters

10xGnobblar Trappers

full command + Bull standard/Rune Maw

3xBulls #1
full command

3xBulls #2
full command
3x ironfist







Bruiser(w.Ironguts, General)
Fistful of laurels

Butcher #1(w. Bulls #1)
Halflings cookbook
Dispel scroll

Butcher #2(w. Bulls #2)

Butcher #3


Let me know what you think, should i get a lord instead of four heros or? and furthermore im in doubt whether i should use a scrapmachine or a giant or something else?
The high elf player focuses on magic, so I want to counter him as much as possible :) well ty for the help


22-05-2009, 09:58 PM
Hey, I'm no expert with the Ogres, but try keeping your Ogre units between 3 and 4 models big. If you attach a Character to the unit, play them 3 big, but other wise 4.

That should optimize your movement and combat capabilities. It will also give you more units!

And I would scratch the Noblar fighters and use those pts for more Ogres!

Also, if those are the armies you will face, play max buthers! Your magic will be invaluable for you!

Hope that helps!

Happy hunting! ;)

22-05-2009, 10:22 PM
Hi thx for the quick response, good idea to cut on the unit sizes down to 3-4, might give some more available points.. I think i keep the gobblar fighters since they're just 40 points.

Should i cut a hunter or bruiser to reach a 3rd butcher? or maybe both to reach 4?
another thing is; i put my butchers in units, that means they enter close compat quite fast, does this mean i wont be able to cast spells when in close combat, or do the gut magic make an exception?
furthermore; should i maybe invest in a scrapmachine (or what its called :p) ?

thx again :)

Inquisitor Scarn
23-05-2009, 04:08 AM
I'd cut the hunter and bruiser and get a tyrant. the big names are just too great to pass up,and the hunter having a move Or fire weapon really cuts down his effectiveness..an ironguts unit including a tyrant with the kineater big name, tnederiser, heavy armour and an ogre thiefstone will smash up any other unit out there.

23-05-2009, 04:29 PM
Okay, I'm an ogre player through and through. Heed my words of wisdom, young one, and learn from the words of a grizzled tribe veteran.


For your butchers, keep the one with hellheart, but get rid of his tooth gnoblars, and give the one without it the skull mantle instead of blood cleaver. The -1 Ld is huge, especially when using braingobbla. Ditch the other butcher and get a hunter with two sabertusks. The hunter will provide great flanking and hero hunting with his bolt thrower. Lastly, upgrade that bruiser to a tyrant. Don't ignore a Ld 9 general, as it helps a ton. Give the tyrant deathcheater, daemon-killer scars, and skullplucker /w heavy armor. He'll cost 301 points, but he's the biggest and meanest army general outside the realm of special characters, and can one shot any hero who thinks they have the guts to face off against him. Every time he gets in a fight, have him issue a challenge.

Now, as for the rest of your army, drop a unit of bulls now. Bulls are a terrible unit and never should be fielded unless necessary. The other bull unit should have just a bellower and champion, no iron fists, just ogre clubs will do. As for the ironguts, drop the model count by one and put the tyrant there. Also drop the bellower, as Ld 9 is good enough. Drop the trapper unit down to minumum size. Use it to tie up a machine crew for one turn.

The scraplaunchers are good, and the leadbelchers... good. Just add a unit of ironguts with standard and bellower and you're all set. That brings your list to the same total as before, 2002 points. You should find this group of heroes a recurring thing against every army you face, with the exception of lists without much magic. Those will just mean you switch the hellheart for power stones to make him wish he had magic.

23-05-2009, 05:03 PM
Hi thx for the help!, just a few questions more :)

Where should i field the butchers? and when that unit is in close combat, should i then just before the charge pull the butcher out of that unit so it still is able to cast magic?
As for the butcher, without hellheart, items, what should that be? dispel scrolls+skullmantle, or just skullmantle? since 2 arcaneitems on 1 hero wont work.

again, ty for the help :D

23-05-2009, 09:20 PM
Well, Id take Squall's advice- he knows when it comes to the Ogres! I'm just talking out of my experience playing against them, and what has worked for my friend up until now...

But anyway, about your first question... Don't take my word for gospel, but if I remember correctly, most of the spells (well, the ones I hate the most) can be cast while engaged in combat.

But I'm sure someone will confirm this soon enough....

..... Any moment now......

23-05-2009, 09:36 PM
Okay, butcher one: Hellheart. When not using hellheart, give him bangstick and powerstone.
butcher two: powerstone and skullmantle. Always. A powerstone fueled braingobbla can be devastating.

Put butcher one with a group of leadbealchers, and butcher two with the bulls. Keep them in the units through thick and thin, as only one spell can't be cast in combat. (bone cruncha)

24-05-2009, 07:11 PM
ty for the help guys! the army list seems really nice now! :)

24-05-2009, 07:26 PM
why wouldnt it be worth it to get thundermace on my tyrant, then cut the deathcheater and get luck gnobblars?
it would give him more attacks with decent strength against many models, + still gives him the heavy hit on single characters in challenges, str 8, d6 wounds, thats a 1-shotter!

24-05-2009, 08:54 PM
But that one shotter hits on a 3-4+. If you miss, that's it. No re-rolls, nothing. You miss out on 4 attacks. Also, deathcheater is to help in duels. Re-rolling a nonexistent save against heroes once won't be your saving grace. Now, thundermace can be great, but I find twisting little'uns heads off much cleaner.

25-05-2009, 06:52 PM
I see, well thx for you help again :)... I'm looking forward to play with the army.