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03-05-2009, 08:32 PM
Hey guys,
Despite the fact that I still havent played a game of fantasy yet, (been focussing on getting tourny practice games for my nob biker army) iv been reading the rules and decided that there are three ways to win fantasy.
1. Static combat resolution, and denying the loss of it.
2. Leadership manipulation.
3. Movement.

With that, Iv been looking at the warriors of chaos lists, and decided foot slogging wasnt for me. Warriors of chaos are so expensive that they cant win through combat res, so they have to do it simpl through kills, and so victories are left purely to the dice gods, and personally id rather take a list which i can use to outmanouvre and out play my opponent.

So with that, the list is huge on marauder horsemen, a warhound screen and two steam rollr knight units, all buffed by the warshrine.
See what you guys think:

1. Chaos Lord + MoK + Axe of Khorne + Chaos Runeshield + Acid Ichor + Favour of the gods + Juggernaught = 390pts
2. Chaos Sorcerer + Level 2 + 2x Dispel scrolls + Steed = 186pts
3. Chaos Sorcerer + Level 2 + 1x Dispel scroll + steed = 161pts

1. 6x Chaos Marauders + Mark of Slaanesh + Light armour + Flails + Full Command = 136pts
2. 6x Chaos Marauders + Mark of Slaanesh + Light armour + Flails + Full Command = 136pts
3. 6x Chaos Marauders + Mark of Khorne + Light armour + Flails + Full Command + Rapturous Standard = 176pts
4. 6x Chaos Marauders + Mark of Nurgle + Light armour + Flails + Full Command + Warbanner = 181pts
5. 6x Warhounds = 36pts
6. 6x Warhounds = 36pts
7. 6x warhounds = 36pts
8. 5x Warhounds = 30pts

1. 5x Chaos Knights + MoN + Musician + Standard + Banner of Rage = 295pts
2. 5x Chaos Knights + MoK + Musician + Standard + Blasted Standard = 300pts

1. Chaos Warshrine + MoT = 150pts
Total = 2249pts

The idea is a set up like this:

>hound< >hound< >hound< >hound<
>slaanesh mar< >nurgle mar< >Khorne mar< >slaanesh mar<
>knights< >Warshrine< >knights<

Obviously the hounds screen the marauders. They serve as cannon fodder, and to march block things and generally get in the way and deny flank charges, the slaanesh marauders fly around the flanks, slam into opponent flanking units whilst the nurgle and khorne marauders fly straight forward, backed up by the knights, giving a four unit steam roll.


04-05-2009, 12:18 AM
this list will struggle against hidey-shootey armies (wood elves) and pure shooty armies (maybe) and also magic heavy armies (my vamps recently ate a list like that one).
If the sorcerors are scroll caddies, just there for dispelling, then forget about the lvl 2 upgrade for them, add another dispel scroll or something, because you need to beware spells like "wind of death" which affect every unit on the table (ignoring magic resistance too btw) [eg when i played a list like this, every turn i got at least 2 castings of that spell, and with so many small units, even 1 or 2 casualties really can hurt...

i find mounted armies are ricky, if it works, great. steamrolling ftw!
if not, you will have a lot of dead horses. If Possible, always deploy on a flank, rendering your opponents other flank redundant and out of range etc...

hope that helps!

04-05-2009, 10:35 AM
Yeah mate, it did.
Trouble is with dropping level 2 im stuck with 70pts that i dont know what to do with, may drop some hounds for another slaanesh marauder unit, putting two on one flank and one on the other, and changing the nurgle marauders to khorne ones, for the extra oomph!

04-05-2009, 06:06 PM
I play an ALL mounted WoC army.
I would drop the Warshrine and take a Chariot. The Warshrine is a awesome and great concept GW came up with, unfortunatly its total crap on the field of battle.
Your knights are going to be doing all the work so keep them alive.
Marauders are really nice at running from combat or getting blown away after a 2nd round of combat. I would not advise giving them standards, free VP's for your opponent.
I like the large number of Dogs you have, it could be very annoying to some players.
I'd lose one sorcerer and take an Exaulted Champion and make him the BSB, and make the other sorcerer a lvl 1 with 2 scrolls.

Hope that helps, Happy Hunting =)

04-05-2009, 08:37 PM
yeah Drop the War banner, and the lvl 2s... Add a dispell scroll and another unit of horsemen. If you can maybe drop some dogs nd get some ogres with great weapons and mark of Khorne. 3w 4A at S6 is beefey

13-06-2009, 09:06 PM
warshrines are well worth it, for 150 pts u get a 3+ ward, mine has made the difference between winning and losing combats, and subsequently the game. Also, eye of the gods for unit champions is good too. In my experience, chariots do impact hits then die

13-06-2009, 09:20 PM
they don't always just die......sometimes they run backwards into your own men *grins*...but I still like them in my Greenskin army.

14-06-2009, 09:40 PM
I'm surprised no one else has pointed this out, so I will. Unfortunately dude, your units of marauder horse cannot take the war banner or rapturous standards, marauders can only take a basic unit standard. PS, dogs are really annoying to play against!