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28-04-2009, 07:31 AM
Wood Elves 1500 Points

core: 2+
special: 0-3
Rare: 0-1


Wood Elf Noble
Waywatcher kindred

Total Pts: 110 pts


10 glade riders
Full command

Total: 276 pts

10 glade riders
Full Command

Total: 276 points


5 Treekin
Treekin Elder

Total: 345 pts

12 Wardancers

Total: 237 pts


10 Waywatchers
Shadow Sent

Total: 248 pts.

First attempt at a wood elves army. What do ya'll think?

28-04-2009, 08:15 AM
Consider this: There's a W.E. bow that gives you as many shots as your Attack stat. There's also an arrow upgrade that ignores armor. Definitely worth it, in my opinion.

Not sure where you'd get the points for it, though, everything else looks pretty good... except it's not a very shooty Wood Elves army. That's where they excel, shooting and scooting.

28-04-2009, 11:28 AM
I'd drop 10 of the glade riders and 3 of the way watchers, and add two units of Dryads with the points saved. 5 treekin is a huge block, I would drop a couple and get a spell singer or brachraith.

WE shooting is OK, but dryads, treekin and wardancers are all excellent in melee.

28-04-2009, 04:41 PM
Definitly drop one treekin. A block that big will have a very hard time fitting all the models into combat. Also, 20 points for an extra attack on your treekin is a bit much. You could really drop the champion and use the points elsewhere. The wardancers could use fewer models as well. Twelve model frontage is a little on the high side. Drop three of them. Also, your glade riders suffer from the same problem. I suppose if you want the extra rank, sure, but 120 points is a lot for an extra rank. I'd bump them down to 6 models each. Also, the champion in glade riders is useless almost, so drop both of them. You can also do without a full 10 waywatchers. I'd say if you drop 3 you'll still be doing their job while not having wasted points. Give the waywatcher noble Starfire arrows. It'll lose killing blow, but if he kills something, he'll cause panic. If the enemy has tough armour, just choose not to fire the magic arrow that phase.

With the changes mentioned, you have 400 points to kick around. I'd add a unit of 8 dryads and a branchwraith with the wizard upgrade, a cluster of radients, and a befuddlement of mischief. I'd also add a unit of 10 glade guard. This leaves you with 15 points. Now, with your core requirement still fulfilled, drop one of the 6 man glade riders, and add a 5 man wild rider squad with a standard bearer. That brings your free points to 38 points. You can do what you please with these points. Grab a champion or two, add an extra glade guard and musician, just do whatever. Hope this helps.