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25-04-2009, 08:22 AM
Lord of the Vampiros 335

Lord of the dead
Forbidden lore
Avatar of Death (GW)
Doomed crown
Black periapt
Talisman of lycni

Vampire 195

Dark Acolyte
Summon Ghouls
Helm of commandant
Crimson gem of Lahmia

Wight King 172

Battle Standar Bearer
Wristbands of black gold
Enchanted shield

Vampire 175

Dread Knight
Summon creatures of the night
Book of Arkahm


Varghulf 175


14 grave guards 198

Banner, musician and Seneschal

5 Black Knights 128


3 fell bats 60


15 Squeletons warriors 150

Banner, musician and champion
Banner of balefire

12 Ghouls 104


12 Ghouls 104


20 zombies 84


5 dire wolves 40

5 dire wolves 40

5 dire wolves 40

I prefer to bring 3 units of dire wolves because I ´d like redirect charges so I can charge with other units to the flanks etc. They are weaker, but very useful.

My intention is, in magic phase, I need a Vanhels dance. In the step of choose spells, I have two mages of level 2: Vampire and Lord of the vampires. I choose first with the vampire hero and I check if he knows the dance with his 2 spells. If he knows, the lord of the vampires knows another lore (Death, Beasts anytime). If the vampire hero doesn’t know the dance, the lord knows lore of vampires so I always play a Vanhel dance. This is the cause of my lord isn’t of more of level 2. If he is more of level 2 he must choose the spells before the vampire hero and I don’t know if I have the dance and I would have to choose with the lord… and I ‘d like have another lore.

When the magic phase comes, I play of this form: 3 dices for a vanhels dance (when it will be necessary) with 2 dices from the mage and one of initial; If it be dispersed another dance with 2 dices, one from initial and one of: Black periapt or Gem of lahmia. And the book of Arkhan too

I hope your comments, and a lot of Thanks!! ^^



25-04-2009, 09:37 PM
I don't have my Vampire Counts book on me, so I'll leave a better comment later. For now, add a necromancer, who always knows vanhel's. Also, make the wight king a vampire. 25 points should not stop you from that crucial upgrade. Another thing. Give a regular vampire the talisman of lycni, so your general can be better protected. Last thing you want is a dead lord. I'll give more in depth later. Busy tinkering with my wood elves.

26-04-2009, 03:47 PM
A few suggestions, drop all those musicians.. undead don't really get the best benifit (+1 to rally).
You don't really need the banner of Balefire, just a basic Warbanner would probalaly serve your skeletons alot better.
Drop the Crimson Gem for a Power stone, 2d6 instead of 1d6.. and you don't have to hurt yourself :)
I'd think about bumping your general up to level 3 or 4 and just taking the lore of vampires everytime, You'll have a hard time casting much with so few casting dice otherwise.

Hope this helps.