View Full Version : 2000 Points Chaos Army - Is it competitive?

16-04-2009, 03:12 PM
Hello everyone, I looked a bit through the Warriors of Chaos book and decided to rally an army. This is what I came up with;


Festus, The Leechlord 185pts

Chaos Sorcerer 180;
Level 2, MoT, Book of Secrets, Spell Familiar

Exalted Chaos Champion 305;
Filth Mace, The Bronze Armour of Zhrakk, Bloodcurdling Roar, MoN, Shield and mounted on a chariot.


18 Warriors of Slaneesh 346;
Full COmmand, MoS, Add. Hand Weapon and Shields.

5 Marauder Horsemen 86
Flails, Light Armor, Musician

5 Marauder Horsemen 86
Flails, Light Armor, Musician

5 Chaos Hounds 30

5 Chaos Hounds 30

5 Chaos Hounds 30


Chariot of Nurgle 150

10 Chosen of Nurgle 300;
Full Command +50, Soporific Musk+20, MoN, Halberds and Shields.

5 Chaos Knights of Khorne 240
Musician, MoK

Thoughts behind the army list;

Festus is one big bad bottom thus he needs protection and will join the chosen, I gave
the unit champ the soporific musk to aid the 1die pursuit. Shields to make them
harder to be killed by shooting and to use against any threatening charge.
Halberdsfor when they decide to trample something.

The Sorcerer will join the warriors and will be the general. I don't really like this idea
myself as I don't really thrust sorcerers. The warriors were given the MoS so that they
won't flee easily.

The Exalted champ, too risky to be the general. Thought that a terror causing chariot
would be a nice feature to the army. Also since on a chariot you get the 360 LoS I
thought the Bloodcurdling Roar would be a good magic missile.

The marauder horsemen are lone mage hunters and war machine crew munchers. In
extreme situations they can serve as meat shields together with the hounds, so that
they can protect the other important units...especially the masters of carnage...the
Chaos Knights.

The second chariot is to accompany the Exalted Champion so they can hit harder.

So that is what came to my mind. I would greatly appreciate feedback.

Thanks in advance,