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14-04-2009, 08:45 PM
No, my Lord is not named Lord Wargear.

I'm having a bit of trouble thinking up wargear for my Lord. I have come across a few combinations, but hey, what do I know?

Right: Now for the hitch. My army has a theme.


Yeah, pretty much. And it handicaps me, but I don't think too much.

Right. MoK is a must. Also, no mounted troops. Everything is on foot. EVERYTHING.


So yeah, onto my theories.

1. Mega hard to kill Lord.

Chaos Lord
Armour of Morrslieb
Collar of Khorne
Talisman of Protection
Enchanted Shield
Acid Ichor
Fury of the Blood God

250 points.

2+ Armour save (Armour of Morrslieb 4+ and Enchanted Shield 5+)
2+ Ward Save against non magical attacks (Armour of Morrslieb 4+ and Collar of Khorne 6+ and Talisman of Protection 6+)
2+ Ward save against spells (Same as above with Fury of the Blood God 4+ replacing the armour)
Magic Resistance 4 (2 from Collar and 2 from Fury)
5+ Ward save against magical weapons (The Armour of Morrslieb only confers the 4+ Ward against non magical attacks)
Plus, every time he takes a wound the wound-er takes an automatic strength 4 hit for every wound inflicted (Acid Ichor)

However, that distinctly lacks hittyness with only 6 attacks at strength 5.

2. Character Hunter.

Chaos Lord
Additional Hand Weapon
Rapier of Ecstacy
Bronze Armour of Zhrakk
Pendant of Slaanesh
Favour of the Gods
Word of Agony


7 attacks
Each time the Rapier of Ecstacy wounds a model, that model must pass a strength test or be removed from the game
Immune to Psychology, Killing Blow and Poison, but no leadership conferrance. (Bronze Armour of Khrakk)
Each unsaved wound the character suffers he gains +1 attack for the rest of the battle (Pendant of Slaanesh)
Once per game can cause D6 S4 automatic hits with no armour saves allowed. (Hide behind you Gromril NOW, Mr Dwarf...)

Good anti-multi wound model thing this one is...

And finally 3... Mr Anti-Anything-That-Moves

Chaos Lord
Chaos Daemonsword
Pendant of Slaanesh
Favour of the Gods
Soporific Musk
Bloodcurdling Roar


6 + D6 (To a maximum of 10) Attacks and 5 + D3 strength (Rolling seperately at the start of each round)
Every 1 rolled to hit in cc is resolved against the bearer
3+ Armour save (Chaos armour + shield) 2+ in combat
Pendant of Slaanesh (Every wound suffered grants him +1 attack for the rest of the game)
Favour of the Gods (Add or subtract one from the EotG roll)
Soporific Musk (When a unit flees from a character with this gift the fleeing unit rolls an extra D6 and discards the highest)
Bloodcurdling Roar (In the shooting phase choose an unengaged enemy unti within LoS and 12" - takes 2D6 S1 hits with no armour saves allowed)

With this one I am going for "Hit it enough and it WILL die... the Pendant means that the more times he hits himself, the more powerful he becomes... I was thinking about coupling it with Acid Ichor, but then I realised he would be causing HIMSELF an automatic strengh 4 hit every time he wounds himself...

So yeah... C&C and your ideas appricieated lads... Take it away...

14-04-2009, 10:02 PM
First just quickly edit out the individual pts costs, pls! GW is quite anal about this and Astro could get into a lot of trouble!...

14-04-2009, 10:03 PM
WOW, can i just say that i love this. Im brand new to fantasy, havent played a single game yet but im going through WoC army trying to sort it out and seeing this load out for the lord is brilliant, cheers pal!

Ps. it wont count for much at all, but im thinking of having a go with the "character hunter" because it feels like thats how the army should run :D

14-04-2009, 10:05 PM
Done for you, Killer...

Yeah, I like the character hunter too... Massed rolls on EotG table... However, there is no real protection... although, throw him at an assassin... "Oh look, you haven't killed me. Oh look, I'm now stronger. Heh heh heh"

It is incredibly tempting to do a 4000 point army... and have all three variants...

14-04-2009, 10:28 PM
OK here's the deal: I have been looking for the ultimate Lord since the new armybook came out! You know : the 6th ed Nurgle Lord on a dragon with the blade of blood, enchanted shield and golden eye of Tzeentch, equivelant!

But alas, I have failed! I can come up with with Lords who all excell in one thing but suck at the rest! So let me share with you some of my hard learned foundings...

Arguably the best fighter in the game would be the Nurgle Lord with the Runesword and Runeshield/Armour of damnation! 6 strength 6 attacks with WS 9!... Ouch! And to top it all, you need WS 6 NOT to hit him on 5+! And if you're lucky enough to hit you have to re-roll it! Damn! Damnation, in fact- armour of Damnation!

But lets look at your builds, shall we?

1. Not the best build- well, it's pretty much invalid- just go check out "fury of the blood God" again! If you have that gift, you're not allowed any magic items! Also- multiple ward saves are redundant- they don't stack! (unfortunatly) The armour of morslieb is a good call but the rest is doesn't really do anything!

I'd go back to the drawing board on this one!

2. A much more interesting and well planned build! (quite original too!) Not bad!

Only thing is that if a model has a magical weapon, he may not use any other weapon he might have! And giving him an additional handweapon only gives you an extra attack when you use it! So seeing as you're never gonna use it, you might aswell spare the points...

But as a character killer you might want to considder the axe of Khorne instead of the rapier. It's the same point cost, but much more killyness potential! For +1 strenth and killing blow, its much more bang for your buck! But thats just a personal preference...

3. This build is sometimes refered to as 'The Daemon Lord"... It's just much more effective with the Daemonsword, enchanted shield and a Juggernaut! Seeing as you don't want any mounts in your army, I'd let this build go! Otherwise you'll just end up killing yourself more than anything else!... Trust me on this one! Even with the Juggy and Enchanted shield, this guy's a suicide bomber!

Well, you asked for it, so there it is- my two cents!

Hope it help, mate! Let me know if something is unclear... I don't understand myself sometimes! ;)

Good hunting!

14-04-2009, 10:37 PM
Damn, I forgot about that bit on Fury... But yeah, I'm thinking of the Rapier over the Axe because the Rapier is with ANY wounding hit rather than a roll of 6... And I'm talking characters rather than Large Targets... Considering the most numerous characters out there are Elvish, Mannish and Dwarfish... Mostly strength three... A strength test is rolling under your strength, am I correct?

Ward saves don't stack? DAMNIT!
I really did not know that...

Also I'll probably just slap the Axe of Khorne onto an Exalted Champion... That should make a nice mess...

14-04-2009, 11:06 PM
Not bad reasoning at all, but remember, first you have to wound AND then he has to fail his strenth check! With the Axe its on 6 and lights out and more strength means you'll be doing more wounds anyway! But as I said its not neccesarily a better choice, its just personal preference. But yes, the axe also works nicely on the Exhalted Champ!

Yes, A strenth check is roll 1d6 and pass is equal or below your strenth value! But most characters have minimum strenth4!

Anyway, Chaos ward saves suck, don't they?

But the best advice I always give is PLAYTEST your ideas and see what works for you!

So get out there and kill a few things!

Good hunting friend!

15-04-2009, 12:44 PM
I like the chaos rune shield and the Axe of Khorne with the eye of god. Rune and Magic weapons are garbage, KB +1S and re-roll when you do off some one

I also like Father of swords, armor of damnation and an enchanted shield with gaping maw. They hit them selves and against lower I guys you have KB on top of you having a 2+ Marching and a 1+ in HTH

Your Conscience
15-04-2009, 04:55 PM
Rgiht first you have done a few things wrong on all of the wargear.

With Choice one
You can aonly take on type of magic armour/shield and therefore they cant stack like you have done and therefore he will onyl have eithwer a 4+ or 5_ save . In addition to this the Ward Saves also cant stack to give u a 2+ ward save and again you can only have one type fo war save and cannont intermix with them. Therefore you cant have 4 DIFFERENT types of ward save you can only have ONE ward save and you can stack all of the enchanted items on him.

Finally i woudl go with choice two as this is the onyl one that has a good complement of wargear and such but maybe try getting ONE ward save onto this guy instead

15-04-2009, 10:57 PM
I also like Father of swords, armor of damnation and an enchanted shield with gaping maw. They hit them selves and against lower I guys you have KB on top of you having a 2+ Marching and a 1+ in HTH

Sorry- can't have the Armour of Damnation and Enchanted shield- their both magic armours

But yes, it's a nice combo- I use it on my Exhalted Sorcerer at the moment...

16-04-2009, 03:07 PM
half asleep when I wrote that... seemed right at the time. damn hang over

16-04-2009, 04:11 PM
No prob, dude! Happens to the best of us! I still make that mistake myself sometimes!... :D

13-06-2009, 09:23 PM
I know you don't want a mount, but I would go for:-
Runeshield, Axe of khorne, put him on a juggernaut, favour of the gods, and word of agony

My reasons being, 0+armour save, -1 up in combat, strength 6 killing blow, aslong as you are still frenzied juggernaut gets 3 decent attacks also. Word of agony gives you D6 S4 hits before the combat even begins, and if you're going character hunting, runeshield negates the magic weapons that they are most likely to have. with the armour save you get from being on the juggernaut you don't really need a ward save, and as they will only be using mundane weapons against you in combat, you're likely to never have an armour save worse than 2 or 3+

07-08-2009, 11:12 AM
Not bad!

Just a few notes though- This dude will always have a 0+ armour save, it will not increase in melee. A model only gets a +1 "parry bonus", if he is on foot and if he is using a mundane handweapon AND shield!

I don't really agree on giving a killing machine such as this a quite an expensive gift that is use once only! It's just a little redundant in my opinion...

But I do like the Runeshield/Axe of Khorne/Favour combo! Very effective and very scary!

The only problem is stupid bolt throwers and stupid cannons!

09-08-2009, 02:05 PM
put him in a unit with mark of nurgle....and possibly give the unit the standard of 4+ward against missile attacks, also any eye of the god results confer to the unit aswell aslong as he remains a part of it
this has worked many a time for me...

11-08-2009, 09:44 AM
Yes, the Favour is a very cool item! It helped me alot in my game over the weekend.

I had a warshrine and all six rounds I threw a 7 using its ability! This is a true story! So the favour helped quite a bit!

Anyway, I prefer giving the WS vs Shooting banner (Blasted Banner) to my Knights. I feel it is a better investment. If I remember corrextly, it only gives a 5+ WS...

Nurgle is unbelievably tough! I just love 'em!

17-08-2009, 06:24 AM
You missed my favorite I'm going to live through anything build and screw you over in the process!

Sporific Musk
Father of Blades
Armor of Damnation
Favor of the Gods
You can replace the father of blades with Berserker Sword if your Character hunting. Remember that if you have a magic weapon all other weapons you have don't count as you can only attack with the Magic weapon.

Reasoning for Father of Blades. He has to reroll his hits making his chance of rolling ones even greater with the Armor of damnation. He's going to hit himself more killing himself for you. The EOTG table is good but a dead character is more important.
If you go with the berserker sword you don't just get the 1 attack as you aren't "removed" from the block of troops. You get as many attacks as you would if you weren't in a challenge. Thats normally an extra 3 if your in the middle of the block.

Both swords rock. It just depends on how you want to mess with your opponent. When I mark tzeentch I use the FOB when I mark Khorne I use Berserker Sword.

I usually mark Nurgle so I drop a Filth Mace on my Lords and still use my Sporific musk but I put him in a unit of Chaos Marauders 20-30 strong for the terror effect. It only takes one kill! Just my two cents.