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10-04-2009, 02:13 PM
Hey chaps,
I finally got the army of chaosy death last night, spent most of last night and this mornind readin the book and most of this week reading the rulebook, so i have a small grasp of what im doing, although without properly seeing it in action magic is still a little hazy...but lets get to it.
I went heads in for the 2250pts list first, cos, why not?
But here we go:
At my disposal I have:
10x chaos warhounds
35x warriors with shields
15x warriors with 2weapons
2x sorcereres (one tzeentch one nurgle)
5x marauder horsemen
10x knights with hand weapons (although the lance options look soooo much cooler!)
2x Spawn from 40k that I will rebase
1x Bloodcrusher from 40k that Im going to rebase and use as a lord on jugger until i buy one

Chaos Lord + Mark of khorne + Axe of khorne + hand weapon + Chaos runeshield + Juggernaut = 378pts
Sorcerer hero + 2x Dispel scrolls + Mark of tzeentch = 155pts
Sorcerer hero + 2x Dispel scrolls + Mark of tzeentch = 155pts

5x Warhounds = 30pts
5x Warhounds = 30pts
14x Chaos warrios + Mark of khorne + extra weapons + full command + warbanner = 319pts
13x Chaos warriors + Mark of Nurgle + shields + Command + Warbanner = 293pts
13x Chaos warriors + Mark of Nurgle + shields + Command + Warbanner = 293pts

5x Chaos Knights + Mark of Nurgle + Musician + standard bearer + Banner of Rage = 295pts
5x Chaos Knights + Mark of Khorne + Musician + Standard + Blasted Standard = 300pts

Any suggestion as to a better use of points would be appreciated, especially on the lords and sorcerers, as the equipment is a brand new armoury and set of rules I dont claim to know even slightly what are the best to choose etc, i just took the ones that seemed would fit e.g. the lord is an armour plated killing machine, so he stops any magic crap stopping him from mauling things, and hits very hard :D
The idea behind the army is that the two units of nurgle warriors set up next to each other, forming the front line, behind the centre of these the khornate ones without shields, so the nurlge ones can open up a charge path inbetween them once the army get to where its going. The hounds units on either side to protect the knight as they toddle off to krump stuff, with the khornate lord in the unit with Nurgle makr and banner of rage, and the two tzeentch sorcerers in the nurlge warrior units, focus with them is more to get rid of opposing magic than to cast their own, but the spells on tzeentch arent bad, so a few fireballs here and there or the odd chance of making an opponent fighting himself and running or even being completely sucked into the realm of chaos! :D
So main goal is to protect the khornate warriors and have athree pronged charge with the central warriors, maybe even keeping the cav back so the army hits as one. whilst the warhounds die horrifically the rest of the army takes few casualties and steamrolls its way through.
With 13x chaos warriors in the sorcerers units, theres two for cannon fodder, as the set up with be ranks of 6, and the khorne unit has 14, not sure whether to take them in ranks of 7, because they may not fit through any gap the nurgle warriors make! lol
So, any thoughts?
Cheers chaps,

12-04-2009, 10:20 AM
Not bad for a first try Phil! But here we go with one of my long and dragged out monologues about how I think your army could be improved, so sit tight and listen up!...

First off I just want to say that in WHFB it is not so strickt on the way the model is physicallly upgraded... IOW it does not matter terribly what your model physically has in his hands- you may still give and use any and all equipment that you upgrade him with!

That being said... its a bit redundant to give your Khorne warriors extra hand weapons(XHW)- they have enough attacks already! Rather give them shields and Halberds- the shields will give them more protection against shooting and the halberd more punch in combat. And you could still use your handweapon with the shield in combat for a total armour save of 2+! Isnt that much better?

Ok, at this point I feel I have to congradulate you on the two knight squads- Few get it right on their first try! Always units of 5 (6 at the very most!!!) with either MoK or MoN with no Champ! Well done ol' chap! Great banners to give them too!! Just be careful too have too many frezied squads in your army- it may get difficult to control them against more experienced players... My suggestion: first play with them like this and see how it goes for you. If it doest work for you, just take away the rage banner from the Nurgle squad and give 'em something else...

Just a few quick remarks... Why give your scrolll caddies the MoT if they won't be casting major spells? Leave them undevided with the lore of fire- much more economical!

Magical items may only be taken once per army, so that means only one warbanner unfortunatly!

Your Lord is not a bad build. I prefer a few other item on a Khorne Juggerlord, but this is pretty much "to each his own!" Play a few games and see what you prefer!

I hope that my 2cents helped, so hurry up and post your next list so we can see!... :D

Happy hunting!

12-04-2009, 07:37 PM
your not fast enough. I'd lose the chaos warriors on foot and add Dragon ogres. add more units of Maurader horsemen, give them mark of Slaanesh.

You'll find that the Dwarven Gun line with the Anvil of doom crushes you no matter what you do.
Also the lances are not worth the upgrade because you lose your magic weapons and that is huge against undead and dk.

You may want to try to get a BSB into one of the unit of knights

In Chaos the only units that should have music are the maurader horsemen for the +1 Rally after you flee from a charge

12-04-2009, 10:26 PM
I don't quite agree with the musicians- I think that it is one of the few things in the WoC book that is worth more than the pts cost!

Especially with Chaos' lowerish leadership, they are quite invaluable! Remember- they give you +1 on your combat resolution if both sides are tied, AND +1 on rallying fleeing troops!

Yes they don't panic often, BUT they do sometimes break from combat (even though they shouldn't) and then you'll be glad for that +1 Ld!!!

13-04-2009, 09:23 PM
Hey guys,
thanks a lot for the advice, and believe me it will be taken on board.
Before I make a real tinker with my list, I need to ask, why the halberds on the khorne warriors?
The halberd rules say that it is two handed, which means they cant have shields, but you seem to be under the impression they can have both, where does this come from? (i get the feeling iv missed something)
Also, whats this about using hand weapons for armour?
A chaos warrior i thought had chaos armour (4+) and a shield (3+) and thats it.
A knight is chaos armour for 4+, mounted for3+, barded steed for 2+, shield for 1+ .
Is this right or am I missing something again?

Beergod - ace name btw, I see what you mean, and to be honest I was tinkering with the idea of buying the stuff necessary to make this a full cav army, but for now id like to learn the game first, and see if i want to stick with it, so Im stuck to what models I own atm.
I really appreciate the help fellas, and look forward to the replies.

13-04-2009, 10:25 PM
(i get the feeling iv missed something)

You are missing something, but don't worry, its nothing I can't bring you up to speed with!

Your armour summory of the Knights is correct, but there are a few advantages of being on foot!

For one you are more stable and can use your weapon in conjuction with your shield to parry and fend of some attacks! Thus you get +1 AS when using a handweapon and shield (commonly refered to as the parry bonus)

HOWEVER- this ONLY APPLIES for a model on foot, using a handweapon and shield in close combat! Thus the warriors would have a 2+ AS in close combat when using hand weapons and shields- (4+ Chaos Armour; +1 shield; +1 handweapon and shield = 2+AS)

A model may be upgraded with as many gear as the armybook allows! So the warriors may have handweapons, shields AND Halberds AND Greatweapons! that being said, they only have 2 hands and can only use equipment requiring as much! IOW they CAN carry everything but only use some of it at a time! Thus while marching they have their shields ready to fend off any ranged attacks! and in melee the whip out their halberds to do some serious damage! Savvy?

OK, the MoK warriors would benefit more from the extra strength from a halberd than ANOTHER attack- they already have enough attacks, but sometimes they lack the strength vs tougher foes! So it is a good tactic to use your handweapons and shields when being charged, and to pull out the biguns when YOU charge to ensure more damage is done and nobody get to fight back!

Well I hope this straightens matters out more for you, but if not just ask!

Good Hunting!

13-04-2009, 11:33 PM
Cheers Killer, your advise is both sound and fun to read :P
Iv made a new list based on your advise, and on beergod's squeezing a BSB in.

So here goes:
1. Chaos Lord + MoK + Axe of Khorne + Runeshield + Juggernaught = 370pts
2. Exalted Hero + Army Battle Standard + Shield + Mark of Nurgle + daemonic mount = 210pts
3. Chaos Sorcerer + 2x Dispel scrolls = 135pts
4. Chaos Sorcerer + 2x Dispel scrolls = 135pts

1. 5x Warhounds = 30pts
2. 5x Warhounds = 30pts
3. 12x Warriors + MoK + Full command + Shields + Halberds = 264pts
4. 11x Warriors + MoN + Full command + Shields = 237pts
5. 11x Warriors + MoN + Full command + Shields = 237pts

5x Chaos knights + MoN + Musician + Standard + Banner of Rage = 295pts (BS goes here)
5x Chaos knights + MoK + Musician + Standard + Blasted Standard = 300pts (Lord goes here)

Same plan as before, three infantry unit line in centre, flanked on either side by a cav unit, each with a warhound unit in front of them, to march block stuff and be annoying to skimish troops.Sorcerers go in nurgle units, and stop any weird magic crap happening, whilst using a but of magic here and there but not brining much to the table.
Thoughts chaps?

14-04-2009, 12:13 AM
Cool! not bad at all!

I'd suggest playing with this list a few times just to get a feel for the game and your units!

There is nothing wrong with this list, but I'll just give you an idea of what I usually do...

DEFINITLY give your Lord the "Favour of the Gods"! You'll see why...

OK, that was my only advice. The following is just a few things that I usually do that works for me...

The Battle Standard Bearer(BSB)- you may "imbue" (if you want to call it that) a magical standard onto the banner he is carrying. If you do, he may not be equiped in any other way (may still be mounted though). If you don't "imbue" a magical standard on his banner, you may give him other magical items. MoN and Armour of Damnation and biting blade might be a good idea to make him just a bit harder to kill!... Remember- the enemy scores an additional 100VP if your BSB is killed!

Good call on the scroll caddies! I usually put them on Chaos Steeds- for that little pts I think the +2AS and extra attack is a bargain!

I usually give all my warriors Halberds and shields... you never know what they're gonna face, and its always handy to have that little more umph when you need it! I usually say "rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!"

If you want to do these minor changes, but you're at a loss for pts, don't worry! Just take out 1 warrior out of each Nurgle squad- your sorcerer's steed's base will fill up that spot anway! And if push comes to shove jsut drop the hounds...

But again- I think its a good list and you need to playtest it to see what works best for you and your play style!

Now go get 'em Philly...

Good Hunting, friend!

14-04-2009, 10:07 PM
Iv been pondering the list once again, and it seems the more advice offered, the more i want to squeeze into the army.
Iv decided that since I cant afford any new toys, sorry models for a while, that the BSB is gonna have to go, so i think with the points save i may mount up my sorcerers and add more warriors and arm them all with halberds, it seems like a genius idea!
Quick couple of questions, and i apologise for bein a pain and not leaving you alone lol: are chariots rated? They seem like theyll hit hard and are cheap with MoN@ 150pts
Also: would a mounted sorcer be able to attach to a warrior unit? and if yes do they take up part of the second rank? as the base would obviously do so, im just wondring how that would work.
And im hoping to have my first game this week sometime :D
Cheers pal,

14-04-2009, 10:55 PM
Dude! You're no pain ansking questions! I mean, thats what we're here for! In fact, that's what Astro's here for!... Well that and just generally having fun! And btw, this is one of my favourate topics here on Astro, so ask away! (It helps boost my post count aswell! :p :D)

Anyway... Chariots... Yes they are good and hard and fighty, BUT they are definitly NOT cheap! The biggest problem I have with them is not the high pts cost, but the unit strength... See, they're unit strenth(US) 4, which means they cannot negate enemy flanks (what they are most usefull for). But mount a character on a chariot (for 20pts less! \m/) and it gets +1 US for a total of 5, and now you have yourself a real killing machine!

Hmmm... next question.... Yes any mounted character can join any unit , unless otherwise stated and a few exceptions, and yes, he counts as two models in every way! Thus a mounted sorcerer has unit strenth 2 and he will take 2 models' place. it is exactly what I do with my sorcerers!

There you have it! Good luck with your first game! May the Dark Gods favour you! And for Khorne's sake, never stop asking questions- remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people! :D :D :D :P