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07-07-2006, 11:43 PM
(This will need a proof reader so who ever can please give some help, mods feel free to edit this post for spelling mistakes etc, I also have photos but ill sort them out later)

First spray the whole mini with a chaos black under coat


1. paint with a base coat mix of 2 regal blue and 1 black ink, I mix in black ink is used to darken the blue because it will make the base colour more runny and go in all the gaps.


2. Then paint all red parts with a base coat of red gore.


3. Highlight red gore with blood red, this comes out a little orange so then wash over with red ink.


4. Paint gun, helmet details and chest eagle with a mix of 2 boltgun metal and 1 blue ink (you don?t have to mix it with blue ink; however it blends in with the blue armour more).


5. Then apply highlights to the blue armour with regal blue.


Details (this is what I do for details but you can apply your own)

Eyes- base with enchanted blue, then apply ice blue leaving the base coat around the edges and finally a dot of skull white for reflection

Seal- red gore then a wash of red ink

Company markings- fortress grey base coat to the left knee then skull white over the top and company number with a thin black marker/felt tip

Bolter casing- space wolves grey

First proof and spell check by Adders (Mods/Mark feel free to add to any chnages I\'ve made).

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08-07-2006, 03:07 AM
Nice work mark, I\'ve done an initial proof and spell check, feel free to edit it.

Once you sort this pics out this\'ll be a great help.


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08-07-2006, 03:59 AM
Great stuff mark! *Karm Boost* I love people spreading the knowledge:)

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thanks adders and thanks for the karma romulus

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Romulus81 wrote:

Great stuff mark! *Karm Boost* I love people spreading the knowledge:)

\"knowledge is power, guard it well.\"


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blood ravens

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ok pictures added