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03-04-2009, 02:24 PM
ok i'm new to High Elves, but i'd like to start an army of them. I've played against them quite a few times, my HE opponent takes alot of chariots and dragons, so i was after something different. I want to try out an infantry based High Elf army. At first i didn't intend to take so many multiple units, but that's how it's turned out.

LORD - Prince, GW, Armour Caledor, Vambraces Defence, Talisman Loec- 252
HERO - Mage (lvl 2) , ring fury - 175
HERO - Mage (lvl 2) , dispel scroll x 2 - 175
HERO - Mage (lvl 2) , Jewel Dusk, Staff of Solidity - 170

CORE - 10 archers - 110
CORE - 10 archers - 110

SPEC - 12 Swordmasters (6 wide) , full cmd - War Banner - 230
SPEC - 12 Swordmasters (6 wide) , full cmd - Gem Courage - 220
SPEC - 12 Swordmasters (6 wide) , full cmd - 210
SPEC - 12 Swordmasters (6 wide) , std, mus - 198

x4 RARE - 4 Repeating Bolt Throwers - 400

total = 2,250

Do you think this stands a chance? I can see it's going to suffer against armies with lots of missile weapons, but i was thinking of taking out those enemy units first (44 shots) with a possible help from curse arrow attraction spell.

03-04-2009, 02:48 PM
hmmm an intersting list there, not one i have seen before i admit but the use of multiple swordmasters unit will hurt most things they hit, unless they got good armour or wards and ranked up... i never tend to use units unles sim getting the full rank bonus, i dont wanna lose combat res before we start.. give it a few games see how it rolls though swordmasters are ace and def able to dish out huge amounts of punishment

03-04-2009, 03:20 PM
Cheers Marticus. :) I'm unsure whether to exchange one of the Swordmaster units for a dragon prince unit. The reason i'm reluctant is because i know Dragon Princes attract alot of war machine fire

03-04-2009, 03:28 PM
but that may be a good thing though... save the swordmasters to do the killing for all the cool dragon princes are they still only s3 after the charge unlike the good old masters of hoeth :) phoenix guard i have used before can be really annoying to war machines due to the 4 up ward save..... saved my but more then once..... hmmm need to do more on my elves... not enough of ewm in the gallery lol :)

03-04-2009, 09:37 PM
I think i might try and drop a few points in characters to get the number count up. Also to have a unit with a rank bonus.

Here's what i'm thinking now;

HERO - Noble BSB- GW, lgt armour, Battle Banner- 200
HERO - Mage lvl 2 - Jewel of Dusk, dispel scroll - 170
HERO - Mage lvl 2 - dispel scroll - 155

CORE - 10 Archers - 110
CORE - 10 Archers - 110
CORE - 21 Spearmen, full cmd - 214

SPEC - 6 Dragon Princes, mus, std - 210
SPEC - 12 Swordmasters, full cmd, Banner of Sorcery - 260
SPEC - 12 Swordmasters, full cmd - 210
SPEC - 12 Swordmasters, full cmd - 210

x4 RARE - 4 Repeating Bolt Throwers - 400

total of 86 models (reduced a bit because of Dragon Princes)

Think i might put the Battle Banner in the spearmen unit to support any swordmasters/dragon princes.

I'm considering doing the whole army with golden armour, and red trim. A very regal/noble looking elven host. Maybe they are the personal bodyguard to important diplomat, and travel with him/her to distant lands, so they have to impress their potential allies. The archers will match the armoured warriors with a flowing red tabard, golden trim. If i do this i'll avoid doing red gems, maybe the contrasting green.

04-04-2009, 10:33 AM
that looks a bit more fearsome dude. you could drop one of the archer units for some shadow warriors... ver handy dirty sneaky tactics :) like the sound of the paint scheme.. hope to see some soon :)

04-04-2009, 01:48 PM
Are shadow warriors any good Marticus?

I can see that you'd use them as march blockers, but 16 points each seems alot for a str3 arrow.

04-04-2009, 02:48 PM
well i like them as they do the whole scout thing, so its handy to put them at the rear they make good war machine killers and general annoyance things, when used with alith anar though they step up a league as you have there bows and his mobile bolt thrower mmmmm nice.
you could always drop the 2 dispel scrolls, unit of archers and get a white lion chariot now that hits hard!! ive had lots of good use form them or a tiranoc one to be honest they all good. i dont bother with dispel scrolls cos if i go against a magic heavy army i take high magic and cast drain magic with both mages so everything the enemy needs to cast is plus 6... its annoyingly nice :) also the annulian crystal is a great bit of kit if you can fit it in somewhere, i dont think ive ever taken a bsb but i got a model somewhere lol

05-04-2009, 01:13 PM
I like the idea of your list being designed to Swordmaster-Smash things with ease, but I think it has too many loopholes in it. Namely, your battleline is heavily spread, with poorly-armoured or outnumbered units in the front, and no-save wusses in the back. A lot of armies these days (DoC Flamers/Screamers/Cav, Chaos Knights, DE Hydras, Lizards... I'll think of something...) can take advantage of the battleline disparities to punch a hole in the front line and make its way to the back,leaving your 'front' battleline surrounded and picked off one by one by enemy units.

From my own experience in Warhammer, but especially with High Elves and their generally poor armour saves, is that a solid battleline with few obvious gaps is the best way to win. Every unit should be able to be placed next to another that can offset one of its weaknesses. For example, Phoenix Guard Ward Saves go well with Swordmasters high-stregth, high WS attacks. With that in mind, I'd say the following:

1. I was under the impression that you can't mix-&-match Arcane Items, like you did with the mage carrying the Scroll and Jewel. Even then, you'd be better off giving that scroll to the other mage, and just having the scroll caddy at LV1.

HE magic isn't the best - it's main benefits lie in Drain Magic, Shield of Saphery and Curse of Arrow Attraction (which you can't really abuse with your list). Most of the other spells are easily matched in the common lores, and Vaul's Unmaking can't really work without an Archmage to secure dice numbers. For me, a Lv 1 Mage for Shield, and an Lv2 for more options are often more then enough for a HE Magic Phase. Besides, High Elves are better at defensive magic anyways.

2. The BSB is near useless in your list. Alright, he can give +D6 combat resolution, and hit reasonably well with ASF. however, a 6+ save is easily swatted by increasingly common S4, and even 3 S6 attacks won't be able to help. Drop the Battle Banner, give him Dragon Armour, a Shield, and Temakador's Gauntlets for a better overall save. That way, you can keep his more valuable re-rolls around for longer.

3. Moving onto Core choices, I like the use of Spears as a holding unit, but as it is it seems too unwieldy and 'weak' to actually hold out against anything. Cut the Spears to 18, as rows of 7 are too difficult to face easily. Convert the extra points into a Lion Standard, and you'll have a unit that can really take charges and hold for a turn.

From my own preference, replace the Archers with Lorthern Sea Guard with Shields. You pay 2 points more and lose 6" range, but at least the Sea Guard have a 5+ Save, can hold their own in combat against Flyers and Fast Cavalry. Most importantly though, the armour save can keep them alive longer against ranged fire, meaning they can operate longer, and protect any vulnerable mages sitting in them.

4. Swordsmasters = Fire Magnets, 100% guaranteed. Still, they are useful, when supported by the right units to take charges. Switch the Swordsmasters holding the Banner of Sorcery to Phoenix Guard to take charges protect the Banner.

The Dragon Princes need that Champion in there for maximum damage. At best, you'll most likely get 12 attacks on the charge. However, that extra attack can often tip the balance in you favour. Give them the War Banner as well to add onto the combat resolution, as they'll really need the extra help.

5. 4 RBT's are overkill, dock you composition points in tournaments, and are not effective in this list at all. most of your army will be moving up to engage the enemy forces down the middle, and so turn 3 combats should be the norm for this list. It gives you 2 turns of effective RBT use at best, and worse if they get engaged early by flyers or fast cavalry.

However, you can use Great Eagles to slow down your opponents forces, giving the RBT's more time to work. And if you lose your RBT's early on, the Eagles can still slow down the rest of the opposing army to set up favourable charges for your Swordsmasters. I'd recommend dropping 2 RBT's for 2 Eagles.

I could keep going, but it'll be better for you to just consider those points first. Hope it helps!