View Full Version : Dark Elves 1,500 points with heavy magic.

28-03-2009, 02:43 AM

General. LvL 2 Sorc with familiar and dark steed - dark magic - 172 points
Roams on her own and uses the familiar to hunt mages in woods and generally causes trouble.

LvL 2 Sorc with Tomb of Furion and Seal of Ghrond - dark magic - 180 points
Moves about though the various warrior units, and pounds things with magic.

LvL Sorc with life taker - dark magic - 165 points.


10 Spear warriors with shields, muso and lordling - 79 points
Utility light melee unit. It will usually screen the witches and then, if it survives that, support them in combat.

3 x 10 RXB warriors with shields and guardmasters - 115 points
Basic fire support, light melee and flankers. They can hold their own in combat and are large enough to nulify ranks with flank and rear charges. There are plenty of other bait units about, so the guardmasters are to hit those annoying single models or skirmishers.

5 Dark Riders with RXB and a muso - 117
Exactily the same role as the RXB, but with greater mobility and frailty.

5 harpies - 55 points
Tend to die horribly a couple turns into the game in place of something far more expensive.


14 witches with hag, MB, standard and banner of murder - 210 points
A very passable hammer. They aren't good against high armour saves, but assisted with combi charges and "word of pain" they can take on anything and win.


War Hydra - 175 points
Most valuable model in most of my games, it can really dominate woods and its breath attack makes High Elves very sad.

68 models
1498 points
8PD and 3 PoD
6 DD