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25-03-2009, 03:16 AM
Spent a few days tinkering with it to get it to this point, pretty happy with, just wondering how I can make it more competitive against the last three power armies.

So, without further ado:

Lord, Shield, Master rune of Spite, rune of protection, great weapon, Master rune of Kragg the Grimm, Rune of cleaving, Rune of fury. 279 pts.
Has 3+ arm save against shooting, 4+ in combat. 4+ Ward save. Immune to killing blow and poison. Strength 7, 5 attacks.

Thane, Battle standard. Strollaz's rune. 145 pts
All friendly dwarf units within 12" may make a move (not charge) before start of game, after set up.

Runesmith, Shield, Great weapon, (rune of spell breaking, Master rune of Balance) or (3x rune of spell breaking) both 151 pts.
Either (1 dispel scroll and -1 enemy power dice +1 dispel dice per turn) or 3 dispell scrolls.

19 Warriors, Shields, Full command. 196 pts

19 Warriors, shields, full command. 196 pts.

16 Long Beards, shields, great weapons, throwing axes, rangers (scouts), Full command. 281 pts.

19 Hammerers, shields, great weapons, Full command, Rune of slowness (any foes subtract d6" from charge distance). 327 pts.

10 Hammerers, shields, Gatekeeper (vet). 142 pts.

10 Hammerers, shields, Gatekeeper. 142 pts.

Gyrocopter. 140 pts.

= 1995 pts.


3 core units, 3 special, 1 rare. 1 Lord, 2 heroes.

96 dwarfs, not including the Gyro.

The plan is set up towards one side of the board and go forward, getting my solid units into combat with one side of the enemy line and roll it up. The Scouts and the Gyro are there to stop the enemy enveloping or encircling me.

I could get magic res 3, if I give up the lords ward or the rune on the hammerers banner. 3 magic res on the runesmith and still have one dispell scroll. and another two on the battle standard, I'd have to loose dwarfs to do that though.

Any opinions?


25-03-2009, 01:06 PM
Well, I have been thinking of how to build an Dwarf assualt army eversince I started playing them, but have failed.
But I think you have managed to do what I could not! Well done! I think that this list could work!

I like the idea of the runsmith with the dispell scroll and the rune of balance more! (its just a little more exciting!)

Rather keep the Lord's WS than lose a few dwarfs for MR (you're gonna need every warrior you can get!)
Just a thought - why not put your Lord on shieldbearers? You can take out two hammerers to make up for the pts (the shieldbearers replace the two lost hammerers, so you actually lose nothing!) It will thake your Lord AS from 3+ to 1+ and give him 2 extra attacs in challenges!

O well, just my thoughts! Hope I've given you some food for thought!

Great list anyway! Pls let me know how it went when you've played with 'em!