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17-03-2009, 03:35 PM

Vampire - 190
*Dark Acolyte
*Lord of the Dead
*Helm of Commandment
*Black Periapt

Vampire - 195
*Master of the Black Arts
*Sceptre de Noirot
*Power Stone

Necromancer - 135
*Invocation of Nehek
*Wristbands of Black Gold
*Power Stone
(Comes with Vanhel's Danse Macabre)


Skeleton Warriors (21) - 234
*Full command
*Banner of the Dead Legion

Zombies (21) - 96
*Full command

Dire Wolves (5) - 50
*Doom Wolf

Dire Wolves (5) - 50
*Doom Wolf

Dire Wolves (5) - 50
*Doom Wolf

Dire Wolves (5) - 50
*Doom Wolf

Corpse Cart - 75


Grave Guard (10) - 200
*Full Command
*Great Weapons
*Screaming Banner


Varghulf - 175

Total - 1500

Okay, I posted a 1.5K vamps list similar to this about 5 pages back, and this is what it's boiled down to over a single play test. The idea is to use the block of skeletons and zombies to hold down the flanks for the grave guard. The dire wolves flank anything I need them to, as does the Varghulf, and the three characters can, in one turn, average summoning a 25-ish strong unit of zombies and charge it into any unit I summon it near for an unexpected flank attack and rank bonus. 10 grave guard? Not too scary. Over twenty zombies on your flank with the grave guard in your face? Intimidating enough.

Any suggestions are accepted, as are any comments etc. Thanks.

20-03-2009, 04:29 AM
I'd suggest reworking your Hero's a little bit.

Vampire General
Flayed Hauberk, Sceptre De Noir, Master of the black arts.
I liked your idea with combining The Sceptre with Master of the black arts.. thus letting you summon a big unit and have a bunch of dice to try a few times to make the unit even bigger. I think you should drop the power stone on this guy however because he won't have any spell but raise dead and invo which aren't all that critical.. And it frees up room for the +2 armor save.. thus making him a good canidate for promotion to generalship.

Vampire 2
Helm of Command, Power Stone, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead.
Used your combo, just switched the black periapt for a power stone. I was thinking because he's a level two he's more likely to have a spell you'd really like to suprise your opponent with.

Black Periapt, Power Stone, Inv (Free), Danse Macabe. Mounted on a corpse cart.
Mounted him on a corpse cart to give him more protection and if he joins a unit they count for alot more rank and file guys as well as unit strength. With this added protection I felt it safe enough to drop the wristbands, freeing up room for him to carry the Periapt.

If you use your exsisting cart for the necro, these combo's would save you 20 points as well.

20-03-2009, 04:36 AM
Thanks again for the suggestions. I want to keep the necro on his nightmare, as the idea is to raise, then charge the new unit of zombies into the unsuspecting flank of an enemy unit that I charged with a group of dire wolves and maybe a varghulf. Something that wouldn't win because of lack of banner, rank, etc. but suddenly has ranks and outnumbering, while the enemy has none. More mobility allows him to run rampant and use danse macabre on nearly any unit I please.

Other than that, great suggestions. Thanks a lot.