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25-02-2009, 12:22 PM
My new list to 2000 poitns

General, Lord of Vampiros 375

Avatar of Death (Great Weapon)
Infinite hatred
Forbidden Lore
The Flayed Hauberk
The Crown of the doomed
Gem Flayed of Lahmia
Talysman of Lycni

Vampire 195

Dark acolyte
Call to the ghouls
Sword of power
Black periapath (amulet)
Armour of shroud

Vampire 195

Dark acolyte
Lord of the death
Helm of Commandant
Stone power

Wight king (Battle Standard Bearer) 172

Steed, Lance
Enchanted Shield
Bracelet of black gold.


Varghulf 175


11 Grave Guard (frontal of six models) 197
Standard, Musician and Champion.
Standard of Strigos

9 Grave Guard 129

Champion and Great Weapons


15 skeleton warriors 150
standard, champion and musician
standard of hell fire

20 zombis 84

10 ghouls 88

14 ghouls 120

5 dire wolves 40

5 dire wolves 40

5 dire wolves 40

Total 2000

Hi! Well, I would explain a bit the tactics of this list because can be that you don´t understand anything. And, obviously, I´d like excuse if I make a lot of orthography mistakes, because I’m Spanish boy ^^.

First, I’m going to explain the characters:

I think that the thing most important in VC army is have and know the Vanhel’s Spell and try to take advantage that it is a nigromantic spell and can repeat the cast minimally twice for the same mage. I think that, we have seen in some warhammer’s game that the victory was in the exit of cast of Vanhel spell. It ´s the spell more versatile of VC, because we have 2 effects in one spell, and I think that it’s fundamental try to cast with 3 dices.

This is the cause of the nigromants disappear of my list, because they have level 1 of magic, and for me that is insufficient, equal that vampires with forbidden lore… only level 1, if the Vanhel that he tries to cast is very important, you don’t must to venture to cast only with 2 dices.

Well, for my objective, the 3 mages must to have level 2 of magic. If Lord of the vampires is of level 3 of magic, in the begin of the battle, I ‘d have to choose spells with him first (in this case, the lore that he knows), without we know if the vampires of Level 2 know the Vanhell. The 3 vampires are of Level 2, so I choose in the last place with lord of vampires. If some vampire has the Vanhell, I will choose with lord another lore for lean (probably lore of death, I will explain forward). If the vampires don’t known Vanhell, the lord of vampires catch nigromantic lore, and I will know the best spell 

In the turn of the Vanhell is the most important spell that must cast because the game depending of it, my phase of magic is of this form:

1. If the first vampire has the spell: 2 dice of his level + 1 of black periaphat, we use 3 dices, if we need another, he casts with 2 dice of inicial.
2. If the second vampire has the spell: 2 dice of his level + 1 of inicial, we casts the spell with 3, if we need, he use 1 dice of inicial + 2 of power stone
3. If the lord of the vampires has the spell: 2 dice of his level +1 of flayed gem, we cast with 3, if we need another, 2 dices of inicial to cast.

It’s very interesting that the second vampire (of the power stone) has the vanhell, because he can cast it with 3 dices twice. But I like this vampire too because, although he hasn’t the vanhell, in some moment of the game, he can cast another spell more expensive, like wind of the death or invoke to non dead horde, with four dices (yeah!, it’s dangerous xD), but 12+ of difficulty… I think that we need four dices.

Yes, I try to cast Vanhell and I don’t have the book of arkhan xD. But I think that this item doesn’t combine… and later of I think A LOT, I have decide that I prefer that I cast Vanhell, it been casted with a difficulty of 7+ before only 3+ although automatically.

Finally (Later if you want, I would like to following to explain the rest of the list, always that you don’t boring with my “Spanish” xD explanation, if you think that it is bored I will stop, don’ mind), well, If some vampire has Vanhell he choose the lore of death, and my idea is: use the spell number 2 (in general, I love all spells… -3 to Leadership… 2D6 of S4…) but, the number 2 with a lord of Vampires… 4, 5 wounds… and It’s possible, cast this spell with 3 dices, and 1D6 of S4 sacrificing the new wound with the flayed gem and the other of inicial… you are using five dices and you preservate your 3 wounds originally.

This is only my idea of the magic phase xD… I would like giving you more explanations of units and, my favourite miniature of army, my BSB wight king that I think that lean a lot… but I hope that you want and don’t mind, because this I suppose that is horrible for read.

Thanks a lot!!

Greeting! (Saludate)

P.D If you want, I wish improve my English, maybe you can correct (not all, because if you do this, you don’t finish to tomorrow xD) the worst mistakes, the mistakes that are dangerous for the see. Thanks another! ^^