View Full Version : 2000 Point Deamons of Chaos List. Please Critique ^_^

22-02-2009, 04:20 PM
I was wondering if I could get some constructive criticism on my Daemons of Chaos List. I just finished building and painting my army, and haven't gotten a chance to use some of this stuff on the table yet.

Any specific tips on how to deal with Daemonic Instability and magic heavy armies would be helpful indeed.

Keeper of Secrets (Soul Swallower) 550 pts

Herald of Tzeentch (Winged Horror) 135 pts

6 Flamers (w/ Pyrocaster) 220 pts
5 Flesh Hounds 175 pts

14 Plaguebearers (full command)(Standard of Seeping Decay: Re-roll failed Wounds 25 pts) 223 pts
Herald of Nurgle (Level 1 Wizard)(Noxious Vapors: Unit Always Strike First 25 pts) 190 pts
Standard of Chaos Glory (Units within 12" Stubborn) 125 pts

10 Bloodletters (Standard, Musician) 138 pts
9 Bloodletters (Standard, Musician, Champion) 138 pts
Herald of Khorne (Torment Blade) 105 pts

6 Power Dice: 5 Dispel Dice

TOTAL 1999 pts

The idea would be that my Plaguebears would be my anvil, with their 4+ regen save from the Herald, gift which lets them always strike first AND re roll failed wounds in combat (throughout the whole game), plus the Banner of Chaos Glory which would make them stubborn for thier Daemonic Instability tests, they'd be a unit that should be sticking around awhile. I was thinking of using my Bloodletters on each side to flank and benefit from being stubborn also.

My KoS will be getting shot at, so I figure that regaining wounds would be helpful indeed even if it is 100 pts. I'd probably do some sort of combined charge wit hmy Flesh Hounds to help with combat resolution.

I tend to play against Empire and Lizardmen alot; Steam Tanks tend to rip me apart. Anyone have any advice for beating something that's 10 wounds, 0+ AS, and one of the fastest units in the game on top of boot (for less than the cost of a Greater Deamon)

22-02-2009, 08:59 PM
I personally think the following.

I love your choice with Keeper of Secrets
I love your choice with Herald of Tzeentch
Flamers are O.K. I am glad you did not over consume
Flesh Hounds are a great unit you could use a little more
Your Plaugebearers are my favourite
No comment on the next two
Finally a core unit with Bloodletters
No comment for the next

Overall I personally think it is balanced except for the fact that you have only one core unit.
Build more core units.

22-02-2009, 09:34 PM
Well technically I do have the three core units:

1 Unit of 14 Plaguebearers

2 Units of Bloodletters

I guess if I wanted to I could do 12 Flamers or something cheesy like that, but I'm trying not to do a WAAC list and just something that's competitive and fun to play.