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20-02-2009, 06:13 PM
hey guys, having been away from fantasy for a long time i have come back to my bretonians, this is the first list i have come up with... c@C welcome of course......


paladin(BSB) lance, horse, virtue of duty, war banner - 133
paladin(Gen) Lance, horse, armour of agiluif, virtue of the joust- 128
Damsel, lv2 horse, chalice of malfieur, dispel scroll -160
Damsel, lv2 horse dispel scroll - 145


9 Knights of the realm, standard bearer - 232
8 Errant Knights, standard bearer, errantry banner - 194 (bsb goes in here)
8 Errant Knights, standard bearer - 174 (gen goes here)
16 bowmen - 96
15 men at arms, standard bearer - 85


3 pegasus knights, standard bearer - 175
Grail relique- 118


9 Grail Knights, Standard bearer - 362

Total- 2002pts

ok so this army is based on the models that i already have, the general plan is to bomb forward and break units on the charge, the bsb and his errant units goin for the bigger badder units with all his combat res bonuses, grail relique and men at arms protect the flanks and bowmen for shooting down annoying fast cavalry and damsels for magic protection and general annoyance. so thats it, C@C please....

20-02-2009, 08:48 PM
My only thought is that you are two points over. That is usually okay for friendly games, but there are some people that won't let you have those extra points hanging around. Chop out a bowman or a man-at-arms. Other than that, it looks pretty solid for a Brettonian army.