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Saint of M
31-01-2009, 07:04 AM
He's my latesst incarnation of my army. My friends mostly play torunament lists, since 250 is a good sollid number.

Army Rule: Eternal Hatred.

Ronin (Master): Heavy Armor, Sheild, Lance, Potion of Strenght, Sea Dragon Cloak, Null Tall
Special Ruules: Cold One: Fear, Stupidity, Thick Skin (+2 to arnor save); master: Magic Resistance 1.

Level 2 Sorceress Sepacuna: Dark Pegasis, Focus Familiar
Special Rules: Dark Pegasus: Impail, Fly; Sorceress Druchii Sorcery, Lore of metal (Heavy armored or magic item heavy armies, I see Carl Fronze) or Death (everything else).
Points: 210

Level 2 Sorcerous Tweekle: Life Taker
SPecial Rules: Druchiii Sorcery
Points: 165

Battle Standard Bearer, Bach Stabok (Master): Standard Of hag Greife, 2 Hand Weapons, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak.
Special Rules: Baner Confers Always Strike First to the whole unit.
Points: 152

11 Crossbowmen: Full Comand, Sheilds, Light Armor, Repeater Crossbows.

19 Corsairs: 2 Hand Weapons, Fuill comand, Sea Serpentbanner, Light Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak.
Reaver (unit Champion) also has a pair of Hand Bows.
Special Rules: Slavers, Standard makes them Frenzied
Points: 253

7 Harpies
Special Ruels: Beasts (not an elf uinit, fleeing unit dose not cause freindly units to panic), Flying.
Points: 77

5 Dark Riders: Musician, Spear, Light armor, Repeater Crossbow
Special Rules: Fast Calvery.

1 Assassin: 2 hand Weapons, Hand Bow, Touch of Death (KillingBlow), Dance of Doom (5+ ward Save.)
Special rules: Poison Attacks, Killer not a leader, Scout, hidden
Points: 166
I can always replace the Ward Save and the handbow with rending stars as they are better at killing stuff (strength 5 throwing weapon with 3x attacks when it is all said and done.) But some save is almost better then no save with some units.


5 Cold One Knights 1: Heavy Armor, lance, Sheild, Full comand, Standard of Slaughter.
Dread Knight (champion) is also equiped with Death Peircer (a lance wtih killing blow.)
Special Rules: Fear, stupidity, Thick skin, Standard adds +D3 to the Battle Resolution on the turn that unit charges.
Points: 235

5 Cold One Knights 2: Heavy Armor, lance, Sheild, Full comand,
Special Rules: Fear, stupidity, Thick skin
Special Rules: 175

1 Cold One Chariot: Spears, Repeater Crossbows, Scythed, 3+ Amror Save.
Special Rulews: Chariot, Fear, Stupidity
A little over a hundred point wise

5 shades: Light Armor, 2 Hand weapons, repeater Crossbows
Special Rules: Scouts, Skirmishers.
Points: 90 (can be turned into 95 if I give them Greatweapons instead of two hand weapons.)

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers: Crew have hand weapons and Light Armor
Bolt Thrower can fire normal single shot, or 6x strength four armor peircing shots (dose not suffer normal multi shot rules.)
Points: 200

If I keep the list as it is now, I will have 2230 points used up.

31-01-2009, 07:39 AM
Be aware that the Druchii FAQ is now out and that Life Taker dose not count as a magical attack.


- your master dosen't mention the null stone he has.

- lore of metal is very situational, and a poor choice unless fighting Brettons or Dwarves.

- your girl on the peg cannot have two archane items, so focus familiar or the Tomb, not both.

- 7 harpies is un-necessary 5 is fine, though 2x5 is better.

- your assasin would benifit more from rending stars than than the handbow. The value of the ward is minimal, as 2 out of 3 wounds will get though, which is enough for nearly anything to kill him. Rune of Khane, manbane and additional weapon will give him loads of high strength attacks, or swap the rune of khane for rending stars for the now official S-7 versus charits, dragons and steam tanks.

- try to add an extra model to the CoK unit with a standard as your champ and attached general don't get "look out sir" as there aren't 5 rank and file models in the unit.

- drop the reapers for a Hydra, those things are awesome.

Generally, you only have 4 levels of magic which will be on the low side versus the magic defence of most 2K armies. The ASF banner is in a unit without any magic defence or enhanced shooting defence, that can be baited fairly easily as you have limited units to control the movement phase.

I have revised my 2,250 point list based on playing experience, so you can see what I think works :)

Saint of M
01-02-2009, 07:48 AM
Thanks for the advice. I'm changing it now, but will take some time.