View Full Version : 2250 nurgle daemons army

18-01-2009, 01:36 AM
It's been tried against a wood elf army but i'd like to know what i should watch out for in other armies

2 Heralds on palanquins w/ lv 1 wiz and slime trail (a giant slug and a giant squid i'd post pics if I could afford a camera)
1 Herald BSB w/ lv 1 wiz and slime trail
3x 20 Plaguebearers w/ full command and Icon of eternal virulence, herald in each unit and epidemius next to the bsb. (two palanquins in one unit is a little ridiculous)
1 unit of 5 nurgling bases
2x 2 beasts of nurgle

comes out to 2245 and the wood elves couldn't touch it. The plaguebearers ate a big unit of eternal guard without much problem. It seems solid but I'm not too sure yet, worried about flame cannons and gyrocopters the most.

18-01-2009, 09:10 PM
My aim for this list is simple attrition. The heralds in the units are for hitting power and regeneration. once epidemius's special rules come in the front rank of the single character units has 5 str 4 attacks, 6 str 3 attacks and 3 str 5 attacks all auto wounding on a 4+ to hit. All combat res for wounding is doubled (for the most part) because of the banner of eternal virulence. Palanquins can't be picked out in shooting because they're only unit str 2 and they are reasonably difficult to kill. The champs always challenges to prevent a beefy character from murdering a herald in the first turn of combat. The center unit has even more hitting power with it's bsb and epidemius. The nurglings are there for fun and have had some use in the past for chasing down characters on foot and all those extra poisoned attacks work great for a flank charge. The beasts of nurgle are also a flanking unit but they can also be used to kill large monsters and such. The main drawback of the list is that its pretty slow and might have trouble against really fast armies focused on harassing my units outside of combat and high magic armies because magic defense is kinda low.

19-01-2009, 02:51 AM
There's only one thing to say about this list. The ONLY main weakness about it is if your opponent can bring 2250pts worth of flame to the field, and no opponent is capable of that. Hence, you'll win nearly every game you play. Of course, most people won't play you again if you tak this army to the field, being one of the Great 3 'Deamonic Cheese Lists' (the other being Tzeentch Flying Circus and Flesh Hound/Flamer Spam respectively.

Mind you, from personal experience your armies' second, more difficult weakness to expose is that you rely entirely on your Heralds to maintain the Regen and other special rules of your army. Whilst combat may be your armies biggest strength, being able to allocate hits against characters in combat could allow a smart (and lucky) opponent to kill your heralds in combat, thereby removing your special rules. Once you lose your heralds, then you're left with a bunch of lacklustre deamons with only poisoned attacks behind them to do damage.

Other then that, I can't really comment on the specifics, since I don't own the Daemon Army Book.