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07-01-2009, 05:04 PM
Here's a quick tutorial for making a barbed wire fence. Currently my "battlefield" consists of a piece of grass-paper on the table. Hence I need some props to fancy things up a bit and this is one of the things I came up with.

The main idea here is quick, cheap and easy. It's a nice base to work from and can easily be improved. The scale is actually a bit off, it would have been better if I made it a tad bit smaller. Also this would be more suited for Orcs rather than Spacemarines as space marines tend to use more technology.

Step 1:
Things you need:

(Spacemarines are there for a scale indicator)

- Matchstick x2 (anthing can be used here, even toothpicks if you like)
- Tin
- Copper wire (any wire will do), the wire at the bottom is for illustrative purposes only.
- Plank of some kind
Also required are the basic tools everyone should have.. Soldering iron, drill, paint, brushes, etc..

Step 2:
The poles to hold the barbed wire.

Cut of the matchstick heads.

Step 3:
The underground for the barbed wire.

Drill a hole on each side of the plank. This is where the poles (matchsticks) will be placed later on. Be sure to drill a hole just big enough for the poles to fit in.

Step 4:

Paint the poles and the plank. I my situation I only painted the poles since I will be doing something different with the base. You can skip the painting and paint everything when it's done ofcourse, up to you.

Step 5:
Glue the poles to the base

Here I glued the poles to the base. Once applied I removed any excess glue.

Step 6:
Strip the wire.

Strip the wire of it's coating. We need the wire itself, not the plastic covering it. I used a hobby knive at away a small part of the wire shielding and then pulled out the wire. Use whatever method you like as long as you end up with the base wire.
Also note that the length of the wire used is entirely up to you. The longer the length the more circles you can make. It's all about what you like, so just have a go. Mind you though, if your wire is too long you can cut off a piece, but when it's too short you can't easily add a piece without it showing. (unless you're good at soldering) :)

Step 7:
Apply tin

Next you want to apply a coat of tin over the entire length of the wire. Just use the solding iron to heat the wire and apply tin. It maynot show too well in the pic, but the entire wire is covered with tin. The tin is two fold: it will make the wire look metallic and rough while at the same time make it more ruggid which makes it easier to keep it in a set shape.

Step 8:
Make some barbed wire

Next I wound the wire around a bottle of Citadel paint. This will give the "barbed wire" it's typical shape. You can use any cylindrical object you like though. Try out several sizes to see what you like.

Step 9:

This is what we got so far. As said before, I made mine a small tad too large. But I'm still happy overall.

Step 10:
Soldering the tips

Next I wound the ends of the barbed wire around the pole and soldered it fixed (the spooling around the pole that is). I can lifts the end up and down, even remove them from the pole without it losing it's shape.

Next I applied a coat of paint on the base and put some sand onto it. The gives a more realistic look than just a wooden base. Next I want to give the base a layer of dark green paint and after that dry brush some light green over it. But I haven't had time to do so. Plus, some darkbrown drybrushing on the poles would prolly look good as well...

Well, that's pretty much it. It may not look as good as other stuff out there, but mind you that it's cheap and easy to make. I hope this post made a contribution. :)

08-01-2009, 09:08 PM
I made some changes to the original design

- Made the poles a bit shorter
Did this by cutting of a bit and repainting the tips.

- Changed the barbed wire
The circles are smaller, and more plentyful this way

- Updated the ground
Applied a textured surface with two coats of green (dark green base with light green dry-brush)

Things to do:
- Paint the sides
- paint some rocks grey-ish





09-01-2009, 06:34 AM
This is a nice small tutorial here!

Not overly complicated, and a way to add a bit of character to a gaming table. I like it.

Captain Castus
09-01-2009, 07:17 AM
Agreed... Thanks for this Eposis! :)