View Full Version : dark millenium

07-01-2009, 10:16 AM
OK, further down i wrote asking if anyone knew this game that i found, well it turned out to be dark millennium ccg,
(bout 98% sure). my cards are slightly different from ones ive seen on the web, but mine also say 2001-2002 ish, so are a early lot.
now the thing is ive just found another huge load of these cards, so as now i have absolutely loads of them, with all races now bar the nuns i think, it would be cool to get some rules to see if i even like playing it.
has anyone got them, or know where i can download them, my searching for them has not given me much at all,
all help is much appreciated

08-01-2009, 01:31 PM
dam, sorry guys, just found out thats its warhammer 40k!, ah well, cards look good though still need the rules