View Full Version : 40k Trading (Completed Trades)

  1. looking for anything ork
  2. Looking for the throne of judgement
  3. Space Hulk Librarian
  4. Wanted: Space Hulk Tyranids.
  5. Wanted: IG Plasma Guns, Melta Guns
  6. Wanted: Chaos Combi-meltas heavy flamers etc...
  7. Selling: Large (-ish) Imperial Guard Collection!
  8. For Trade: plastic space marines
  9. Khorne Berserkers FOR TRADE
  10. WANTED: Genestealer
  11. Selling 40K Orks
  12. For Trade/Sale: Space wolves Codex
  13. Bitz required, variety of stuff for trade
  14. Need certain I.G/SM bitz
  15. Need Space Marine Bitz
  16. FOR SALE: Space Hulk
  17. Needed SM bits
  18. FOR SALE: Forgeworld Bits, Imperial Guard minis and other varied stuff - LOW PRICES
  19. FOR SALE; Space Marine ARMY
  20. WANTED: Bike Wheel - just one will do !
  21. For Sale - Nids
  22. Selling AOBR orks
  23. FOR TRADE/AoBR Orks
  24. FOR TRADE: 5x Full Sets of AoBR Space Marines
  25. Have: Tau Want: IG
  26. Tyranid Army for Sale
  28. Wanted: Chaos Daemons
  29. Imperial Armour Volume three - The Taros Campaighn
  30. Random bits Im looking to scrounge...
  31. Have Chaos SM looking for SM
  32. Tank Conversion Needs
  33. Looking For: Shadow Weavers
  34. Anyone want some Orks?
  35. Insignium Astartes
  36. PIF, want: Lightning Claws
  37. Want - Codex CSM previous editions
  38. W.I.T. Space Wolves Pack & Assault Marines
  39. Forgeworld Terminator Shoulder Pads (joint forgeworld order)
  40. Chaos Marines For a Land Raider
  41. FOR SALE: Chaos (Marines, Daemons, and Warriors)
  42. Looking For: Vostroyan IG
  43. Dark Angels Transfers
  44. 40k Painting Service
  45. For Sale - Tau empire - UK only
  46. Looking for - Tyranid bitz to make a Parasite of Mortrex!
  47. Vostroyan Army for Sale
  48. Tyrannid Hormagaunts - FREE to a good home!
  49. CLOSED - sale complete: Praetorian Imperial Guard
  50. H: Warmachine Mercs Books W: Stuff (UK only)
  51. Wanted multiple sizes of bases
  52. Black Templars 2500pts pro painted
  53. Sardonic's unused armies firesale
  54. 2 FW drop sentinels
  55. Want lotr/whfb great eagle
  56. Space Marine Army for Sale
  57. Flesh Tearers - Critical bits up for grabs "FREE"
  58. Wanted: Aegis Defense Line part
  59. Qualmpeddler... or more accurate, fund raising.
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